A Christ-Centered Spiritual Coach

"There remains therefore a rest for the people of God. Hebrew 4:9 (NKJV)

Whether you were referred to this website by someone or led here by the Spirit of God, welcome! The question is who or what have you lost that still causes you grief and pain? A job, your intellectual property, a home, a business, a marriage, your innocence or a loved one? Christina Gordon Media's mandate is to walk side by side with you as you heal from your loss, grief, despair or pain to a place of joy, fulfillment, purpose and power. Just reflect on this conversation between God and Ezekiel in Ezekiel 37 (NKJV) Ezekiel writes; “The hand of the Lord came upon me and brought me out in the Spirit of the Lord and set me down in the midst of the valley; it was full of bones. Then he caused me to pass by them all around and behold there were very many in the open valley and indeed they were very dry and He said to me, “Son of man, can these bones live”? So, I answered, oh lord God, you know”.

Oh Yes! God knows you and he has you covered, because his response to Ezekiel several verses down is "I will open your graves and bring you out and I will put my Spirit in you and you shall live, and I will place you in your own land”. This means that God will restore to you more than what you have lost including a new vision, that will empower you and transform you to a place you never knew was possible.

What were you born to do? No one else can do what you were born to do. Christina Gordon and her team will prayerfully work with you and skillfully guide and re-focus you through the revival of your Spirit, the restoration of your soul and the healing of your body. We will walk side by side with you until you find and fulfil your purpose on this earth. At the end of this partnership journey, not only would you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers, but you would also be a vessel in the hands of God to bring others to their places of destiny. Book your consultation to get started. You will be glad you did.



150+ HAPPY



You are a woman with a heart of gold, an epitome of inner beauty, an epistle of Christ in human form, embodiment of love, care, patience, meekness, gentleness, you broadened my understanding of what God's love is.

You exhibit passion and compassion for humanity and life to a fault, putting other people’s interests before yours. Your mentorship is second to none. You taught me how to operate unshakeable faith in God and be dedicated and committed to my responsibilities. I celebrate you.

Warri, Nigeria


I want to express my profound gratitude to you my sister Christina Gordon for all the years of mentorship, dedication and guidance, your love, compassion as well as constantly giving of your Christlike self has made me and my siblings who we are today. We will always be grateful.

Abuja, Nigeria


I will always thank God for you Ms. Christina. God’s love shines in good people with kind hearts doing nice things. Thank you for shining on me. Thank you for the time you invested in couching me into my purpose and for still being available whenever I call. You are a God sent, I will never let you go!

Atlanta, Georgia, USA