Our mission is to help heal the hurt and pain of  families, who have suffered loss or hurt of any kind, and restore them to peace and power in Christ Jesus. 

Christina Gordon, MPH, MA, BA, NCE, RN-BC, Faith Community Nurse and Faith Nurse Navigator, is a Nigerian American. She came to the US in 1983 to further her education at UCLA, California. Christina is a proud mother and grandmother. She has had her share of adversities in life including the recent loss of her devoted husband, Dr. Robert Bugh. From this pain and despair, a new mandate was received from God to help heal the hurt of families who have suffered pain, loss or setback of any kind. Christina, now a Certified Life Coach has committed herself to God to be used in restoring families from their ashes of pain and despair to a place of power and purpose in Christ Jesus. 
If your family or a family you know have suffered any emotional trauma due to the loss or hurt of anyone or anything, these coaching sessions are for you. You cannot recover by yourself without help. This is the truth.

As your Christ-Centered Spiritual Coach, Christina will walk with you and your family, individually or as a unit, and help you rise from your ashes of pain, despair, loss, disappointments, and setbacks to a life of power and joy in Christ Jesus.

Christina is the CEO of Christina Gordon Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Walking in the Light Ministries Inc, a 501c Corporation in the State of Georgia. Christina is an author as well as a highly celebrated mentor.

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