SOAR with Christina Gordon

It is easy for anyone to say “Do not dwell on your pain and despair for too long. Rise from your mess to your message” as we often tell those who are hurting or in emotional trauma. But it is not that simple for a mind that has been mentally assaulted by fear or evil, or a soul that is too bruised and ravaged by anger or guilt, either towards God or against the source of loss or pain suffered. The truth is, the mind of the victim has been emotionally assaulted and the body is too weighted down by grief or pain to immediately bounce back to living as usual . These emotions are real. Each time I went through my share of loss and pain, I wish there was someone who told me what I am telling you now. "If you are feeling any of the above emotions, it does not mean you are weak." You just need a neutral and grey environment to heal and someone to stand by you as you go through your process to joyful transformation. Waiting to get started on your process may prolong your recovery. Contact Christina today, you will be glad you did.

"Dear friend, I hope all is well with you
and that you are as healthy in body as you
are strong in spirit." 3 John:2 (NLT)

Christina needs you to reach out her. Join her as she walks you through sessions that impact your life in a positive way. Her proven methods center on reviving the spirit with the word of God, restoring the soul through inner healing which ultimately results in a well physical body. Truthfully, you cannot do this by yourself. When hell targets you or visits your home with a vengeance, you need someone who is able to get a hold of God on your behalf and prayerfully support you until you are restored. This may be the best decision and the best investment you may ever make for yourself. If not Christina, please reach out to someone. Not just anyone, but one with God’s tangible power to hear from him with your personal recipe for recovery, and one who has been where you are, and triumphed. Christina meets both qualifications. Remember, in this arena one size does not fit all. Everyone responds to hurt, pain or grief differently. Christina's method empowers her clients in practical ways that transform them into their lives' purposes. The result is a new life that experiences the inner peace and satisfaction that are evident to those around them. Contact Christina today. You will be glad you did.

Inner peace


Christina is the author of The Smile Behind the Mask: Confessions of a COVID-19 Nurse. Available under the shop tab.


Christina comes with a wealth of experience in mentoring professionally, as well as family and friends.

Spiritual Coaching

Christina’s coaching sessions can be One-on-one, by phone or by zoom. The client gets to choose her preference. It can be a combination. Convenience is key. The Spiritual Coaching sessions focus on the spirit, mind/soul and body of the individual. Confidentiality is guaranteed. The subject of spirit, soul and body are clearly described and explained in her "The Smile Behind the Mask: Confessions of a COVID-19 Nurse." A copy of the first edition is free to every client. The Book is now available on



Coaching Sessions focus on:
Reviving The Spirit
Restoring The Soul
Healing The Body; thereby fulfilling the mandate of 3 John: 2.

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