The Smile Behind 
The Mask


The Smile Behind the Mask: Confessions of a COVID-19 Nurse, is a book about the power of personal daily confessions and how the author beat COVID-19; Spirit, Soul and Body. The author pours out her soul in this earth wrenching, biblical, psychological, humanistic and practical approach in dealing with COVID-19. This is a book that will be relevant to the survival of every household especially front liners like nurses way beyond COVID-19. Believers will benefit from this book because it is written from a biblical point of view. The healthcare workers especially nurses will benefit from this book because the experiences shared are by a Certified Registered Nurse. This book will benefit the professionals and skilled workers because our humanistic experiences have no class or color. This book will therefore benefit everyone. Order your copy today, and while at it, pick a copy up for your loved one as well. You will be glad you did!